A couple of doodles later

So if I am completely honest, I have been having a major struggle in the creative department recently. So I am taking this moment to go back to some of the doodles I did around Christmas, I am in desperate need of inspiration and spare time to get this moving again. In the next couple of weeks I am gradually going to introduce a routine to try and get some drawings back on the cards. I really miss the days when I could just shut myself away and draw and paint as much as possible. But life always seem to get in the way and the creative world I used to be able to escape to seems so distant now.



I always take gradual photos of my doodles, not only to watch them grow and develop over time, but I always worry I am not going to like them at the end. This also takes me back to when I could just doodle and it would be so free flowing that there wouldn’t even be a second thought to the next pen mark being made. As soon as doodles have become the forefront of my creative world they have ended up being more precious to me then they should be, and slightly lifeless.



Thinking about the work I used to do, I now feel the need to bring some of this back, in the hope that it will help in more ways then one. But for now I guess I will continue with the occasional doodle that I manage to squeeze into any free time that I get…

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