2018, Let’s do this!

First of all, Happy New Year!

A new year is the perfect time for a fresh start, cliche I know, but I am using this as an opportunity to kick my butt into action. This year I want to challenge myself to get back into art projects, I’ve barely picked up a sketchbook in years and I think I put so much pressure on myself (those pristine white pages of a new book) I try and join in on various drawing challenges, but to go from nothing to a drawing everyday just wasn’t sustainable for me. I think it’s all too easy to read other peoples blogs and see how their beautiful projects are taking shape, this put me in a bit of a creative slump if I’m honest. So this is the start of fortnightly blogging, you may have already read Kayla’s post last week. Together we hope to motivate each other and maybe even some of our readers to jump back into drawing, painting, arts and crafts.

I decided to go back to something I used to enjoy, card making (not feeling daring enough for a daily drawing challenge just yet). Having recently had a de-clutter of old art and craft supplies I had an additional challenge of making some cards with whatever I had left, this was a great challenge and if you ever make cards yourself maybe give it a try? This set of floral papers felt perfect for a set of thank you cards. A few years ago I made cards for everyone’s birthdays and for Christmas so I’m hoping this will bring back some crafting mojo and everyone will be getting a handmade card again this year.

So did you make any goals for 2018, and have you stuck at them so far?

I also attempted to start a bullet journal and although I seem to be playing catch up with it at the moment I will share it when I get into the swing of things.



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