Bullet Journal – The Beginning!

So for 2018 I decided to invest a bullet journal. I had seen a lot of them around on instagram and was curious to try them for myself. 

Cover page

I came across a daily drawing challenge on instagram hosted by the.petite.planner. The best part of doing a challenge someone else has created a list for is that they have picked things that I wouldn’t have necessarily picked myself. So January will be a winter wonderland.


As this is all new to me, I have a list of other pages I wanted to include in this journal before this one, so I have left a couple of blank pages in there to come back to as and when I have time.

So here it is my January Oodles of Doodles Challenge so far (days 1 to 6). 

img_20180106_222229_690237754874.jpgDay 1 – icicle

Day 2 – ice skates
Day 3 – sled
Day 4 – pinecone
Day 5 – twinkling lights
Day 6 – snow shovel

Thanks for reading…



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